Why Squeeze


Happy Owners. Every Day.

We want our franchise brand partners to be profitable in business. With our fresh, delicious food, exceptional guest experience and highly organized and structured operational and training systems, you’ll be set up for success from day one.


Happy Guests. Happy Associates. Every Day.

We're in the people business. We happen to serve food. We understand the importance of people on all sides of the business equation from guests, to associates, vendors and franchise brand partners. We know that happiness matters to the bottom line.


The money's in the morning. Plain and simple.

Breakfast and lunch are less costly to prepare and don't require an expensive chef, huge wine list or inventory of high cost meats, imported cheeses or a rotating seasonal menu items. Line cooks prepare delectable proprietary Squeeze In recipes from readily available fresh ingredients for our constant stream of loyal guests.

Look, everyone loves breakfast! In breakfast, the competition is, well, breakfast! We serve delicious American fare and offer items with a Mexican flair. Omelettes, our specialty, along with highest quality breakfast items such as bacon or ham and eggs, pancakes and huevos rancheros, quesadillas and burritos among many other items. View and download our awesome menu to see the depth and breadth of our mouth watering offerings. 

In today's fast paced, there's-not-enough-time world, more people are looking for a way to be a business owner AND have a family life. The Squeeze In is your perfect fit.

We discovered the Squeeze In when our children were younger. We wanted to make great money working together as a husband and wife and be home in the afternoons and evenings. Open daily from 7am-2pm, the Squeeze In schedule and lifestyle fit our needs perfectly. Once the kids were grown and the grandchildren came along, the Squeeze In lifestyle continues to be perfect! 

The money's in the morning for other reasons too:

In our California locations, with just a beer and wine license, the Squeeze In serves bubbly mimosas (we make them strong, our guests love them!) and flammable Bloody Marys, along with other adult beverages. Our Nevada locations have full liquor licenses and can serve an even wider variety of breakfast cocktails.



1974: The Squeeze In opened in Historic Downtown Truckee, California, north of Lake Tahoe, in May 1974. Specializing in omelettes, sandwiches and soups, the tiny breakfast and lunch restaurant had just 12 tables and seating for 49 guests.

We're the "modern founders" Gary and Misty Young. We became the owners of the Squeeze In on January 1, 2004. Although it was in need of updating, we could see the immense potential of the business. I (Misty) gave up a partnership in an ad firm and Gary left his position as a landscape construction foreman to buy this little gem of a restaurant.

Once we acquired the original Truckee location, revenues and guest counts immediately saw healthy and substantial increases. During the first two years we owned it, we worked non-stop both IN the restaurant and ON the restaurant, building the business through the focused and strategic development of people, systems and efficiencies. Development happened in all areas: training and accountability systems for the front and back of the house – as well as purchasing, administrative and executive functions behind the scenes.  

We like to say "we're laid back and easy going in front of the guest, and as strategic and systems driven as Apple behind closed doors." In other words, your guest is comfortable and having a great time while you're building and managing income and success systems in the background. Systems development has been one of the keys to our decades of success.

2007: In preparation for expansion, we brought on partners, Shila and Chad Morris, our daughter and son-in-law. Shila and Chad had been working in the family business while attending college. Now President Shila and Vice President Chad are the managing partners of all five Squeeze In family-owned restaurant locations, as well as our family’s management company and franchise. They're amazing leaders in their own right, both holding foodservice and hospitality certificates from Cornell University in addition to their undergrad and, for Shila, her graduate degree as well.

This truly is a family business. The newest Squeeze In partner is youngest daughter, Kay Salerno, President of YoungSocial, a digital marketing firm. Shila, Kay and Misty are all verified leadership experts, having earned international certification from The John Maxwell Team and working closely with John Maxwell and his faculty over the last several years.

2008: We opened the second location of the Squeeze In on February 1, 2008, in northwest Reno, Nevada.

2009: Misty received a telephone inquiry from a Food Network producer, which led to the filming of a surprise episode of the popular Food Network show Throwdown! with Bobby Flay.

Bobby Flay was a fabulous host, fun to work with and the episode was exciting! Three times during the show, on national TV, Bobby said, "Misty, you are like the nicest competitor we've ever had on Throwdown!" Well, we showed him some good, old fashioned western hospitality - and we served up a great breakfast to the 75 people who turned out to be part of the filming.

2010 Throwdown! with Bobby Flay: The national broadcast catapulted the business forward – revenues leapt by 25% literally the morning after the show aired, and sustained that increase for the next year, which helped set us up for more growth. 

2011: Several months after we appeared on The Food Network, Squeeze location number three, located in south Reno, Nevada, opened on April 1, 2011.  Our largest restaurant, it has the ability to serve almost 700 guests in a single 7 hour operating day. However, it was clear to us the size of the restaurant did not lend itself well to efficiency and function.

2012: As we began to consider bringing on franchise brand partners, and opened our fourth family location in August 2012, in Sparks, Nevada, we returned to a design reminiscent of the original Truckee location, long and skinny, as we like to say, “a hallway with tables.”

2015: The smaller, more efficient footprint was rolled out for our fifth family location in Redwood City, California, which opened in March 2015, and is now the recommended franchise prototype as we continue to grow the company.

2015: We welcomed our first franchise brand partners, Chris Lowe and Dina Gonzalez to the team, with eight units sold into the Las Vegas market. Two are open now and the remaining six are in various stages, in accordance with our development agreement.

2016: Tony Thorp becomes our franchise brand partner for Santa Clara, California.

2017: Kathy Monday becomes our franchise brand partner for Modesto, California. Her location will be opening in August, 2017.

We’ve dialed in every aspect of the Squeeze In from exceptional guest service to recipes. We've systematized everything from administration and marketing to physical plant layout and function to assure the highest likelihood of success and profitability for our franchise brand partners.

With 15 locations now on the books in various stages of operations or development, the future of the company is bright. With a strong and committed focus on The Five Irrefutable Laws of Restaurant Success including leadership; operations; financials; products/services; and marketing, the company is poised for continued professional growth and massive expansion and profitability.

Everything we do is focused on people - both those who are paying to be at the Squeeze In and those being paid to be there - or from whom we purchase our ingredients. 

We're in the people business, we happen to serve breakfast and lunch, and we do a great job at it. Great products, great people and a great brand with everything it takes to become a major national player. Become part of the ground floor of this fun and profitable family business. 

Let the Squeeze In serve your family the way it did ours: with a solid income opportunity and limited operating hours to support your family lifestyle. I'm eager to speak with you! 

Kay Salerno, Vice President; Co-Owner, Squeeze In


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