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The Squeeze In opened in Historic Downtown Truckee, California, north of Lake Tahoe, in May 1974. The tiny breakfast and lunch restaurant, with just 12 tables, seating 49 guests and specializing in omelettes, sandwiches and soups has kept the same hours, 7am to 2pm, 7 days a week since inception.

Gary and Misty Young took over ownership of the Squeeze In on January 1, 2004.

Once the Youngs acquired the original single location in Truckee, revenues immediately saw a healthy and steady incline, and guest counts also increased substantially. During the first two years, the Youngs worked both IN the restaurant and ON the restaurant, building the business through the focused and strategic development of people, systems and efficiencies. Development happened in all areas: front and back of the house – as well as administrative and executive functions.

In 2007, in preparation for expansion, the Youngs brought on partners, Shila and Chad Morris, their daughter and son-in-law, who had been working in the family business while attending college. Co-owners, Mr. and Mrs. Morris are now the managing partners of all Squeeze In family-owned restaurants, as well as the family’s management company. Shila serves as company president and CEO and Chad is vice president of operations.

The family opened the second location of the Squeeze In on February 1, 2008, in northwest Reno, Nevada. About a year after opening, Misty received a telephone inquiry from a Food Network producer. A year later the Squeeze In family was filming a surprise episode of the popular Food Network show Throwdown! with Bobby Flay. The Throwdown premiered in March 2010 and catapulted the business forward yet again – revenues leapt by 25% literally the very next morning, which helped the company grow. The Throwdown episode remains in syndication on television and is also on YouTube. We do fun stuff like create parody videos, take a look at our take on Gangnam Style.

Several months after the Throwdown! with Bobby Flay aired, the Squeeze entered a contract to build out the third location, which opened on April 1, 2011. “Squeeze 3,” as it is affectionately known, is located in south Reno Nevada. Our largest facility, it has the ability to serve almost 700 guests in a single 7 hour operating day. However, it was clear to us the size of the restaurant did not lend itself well to efficiency and function. When we opened our fourth location in August 2012, in Sparks, Nevada, we returned to a design reminiscent of the original Truckee location, long and skinny, as we like to say, “a hallway with tables.”

The Sparks design has become the preferred footprint for future growth of the Squeeze In. We are currently designing and modeling the Squeeze franchise prototype in the Redwood City, California market. Our final family owned location, the Redwood City prototype location is slated to open in fall, 2014. This model is the perfectly efficient footprint for all franchise operations as we continue to grow the company, the brand and the franchise family. We’ve dialed in every aspect of the business from guest service to recipes, to administration and marketing and physical plant layout and function to assure the highest likelihood of success and profitability for our franchise brand partners.

The future of the company looks bright. With a strong and committed focus on The Five Irrefutable Laws of Restaurant Success including leadership; operations; financials; products/services; and marketing, the company is poised for continued professional growth and massive expansion and profitability.

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